Tuesday, January 10, 2012


So being a part of WW, I was so happy a few weeks to learn that points+ and simply filling can be used interchangeably through the week.  This program is more flexible than ever!  I was doing pretty well with simply filling, until I didn't track the things that don't count for simply filling.  So, today I went back to points+.  Yesterday was kind of a horrible day in my world and what's worse is I took it out on food.  I think I ate everything ever.  Today I decided to track all of those points from yesterday.. I was left with 8 weekly points... yeah, it was THAT bad.  But whatever, I haven't done one of those in a loooong time.  I can stay within my daily points+ range the rest of the week, and if I don't, I won't cry about it.  I'll also be working out this week and thus gaining some activity points.

Right now all I know is that I cannot keep my eyes open.  Ugh.  Today needs to be over already.

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