Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Alright, so I have some goals for myself.  Actually, I guess they're more like motivators to keep my eyes on the weight loss prize.

I want to lose 2 lbs a week.  Some people say this is nuts.  I think it's a healthy goal-- however, if I don't lose 2 lbs I won't cry about it... I really just don't want to gain anything.  Not even 1/10 of a lb.  My motivation to do all of this is:
1. California- which is soon, but, if I stick to 2 lbs per week I could be down another 24 lbs by the time I get there... I think that'd be quite a surprise for my brother! LoL Plus, going to the land of celebrities and really fit people is daunting.
2. Graduation- I've talked about this before... at both my high school and undergrad ceremonies I was large and well, large.  If I can lose 2 lbs a week I will be down 32 lbs... bonus!
3. Summer- I'd like to be slimmer and less sweaty this summer... just sayin'.
4. 5 Year College Reunion- I'd like to surprise a few of my former classmates... though I had a blast in college, I probably would have had even more fun if I didn't lack so much confidence from my weight self-consciousness.
5. New Year's Eve- I'd like to be in a bangin' dress perhaps at a black tie affair or some other soiree downtown.  If I lose 2 lbs per week that will mean -98 lbs!!  I can't even imagine what I'd look like... a whole different person I think. 

Some actual goals:
New job
Visit people I keep saying I will visit (I really want to! Other things just keep popping up and leaving me broke!)
Volunteer somewhere

This is all very lofty, but I feel like if I keep repeating myself it will all happen.  I made a vision board for myself the other day with most of these things on it.  I look at it to motivate myself and to tell the universe what it is that I want.... because something's gotta give eventually.

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LAPT said...

I meant to write a comment here, but I was in NYC for work and on like 2 hours of sleep a night.... but! I love that you're looking at the big picture, and you're doing this in such a smart way! I'm really really really proud of you, btw.