Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Come on Irene...

Okay, so Irene didn't really tear up the DMV too badly. St. Mary's County and Ocean City were hit pretty hard, but as far as where I live-- wind and rain. There were half a million people without power but fortunately I was not one of them. My eye, however, had been glued to the storm days before she landed in the US. The freak earthquake last week didn't even shake me too much because that was a passing thing (thankfully) without much damage. The only thing though that stood between me and my sweet sweet vacation that I had been lusting after all year was this lady who wanted to make a name for herself in 2011. Irene. She was headed toward the east coast seemingly with a vengeance unheard of since the last hurricane that did a lot of damage to, well, anywhere really. More specifically she had her eye set on North Carolina's outer banks; determined to take them out. I don't know that I've prayed so much in a long time. The list was as follows:
1. Please God just blow her completely east never to be heard from again.
2. Ok, if she has to come to shore just don't let her do too much damage so that
a. No one gets hurt, and
b. I can still go on my vacation
3. Keep everyone up and down the coast safe and (please please please) don't let my vacation get canceled.

Yes, I'm aware we tend to pray when we want something. Honestly, I wanted my vacation but at the same time I also did not want the entire side of the country I live on to be torn to hell.
Anyway, God heard my prayers and answered with this:
Ok, I'll get her to die down a little but she's still gonna rock your coast. OBX will be alright, however I will wipe away the roads leading to your vacation rental with an ocean view. And, uh, enjoy your power cuz lots of people around you will be without.

Thanks God! I think?

So, the weekend was a lot of me being angry at the world and crying a little. But because I am friends with some determined motha-effas, I am currently blogging from the living room of a nice townhome, sound side, in the northern part of OBX. There's no ocean view but damnit I'm on vacation.

Thank God.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad it didn't hit too bad where you are. God answers our prayers in his own ways I guess. LOL

Stay safe :)