Thursday, April 14, 2011

Allelujah! Praise Jesus!

Shit! I'm going to hell.  Just said the "A" word and Lent is still going strong.

Anyway-- I got some of the best news ever today.  My Tuesday night class, for one, has been canceled! AND he pushed back the due date for our 20 page papers to the 26th instead of the 19th!  So it will be nice to only have one 20+ page paper due that week... haha.

That was from a couple of weeks ago...

So today I figured I really need to update because it's been quite a while.  I weighed in this week and lost 2pointsomething lbs... go me!  In celebration, I went to the gym Monday evening because that class was canceled... I did and I didn't mind because well the obvious is... why am I paying for this?  However, Monday was BE-A-UTIFUL here in the DMV so it was nice to go home with my sunroof open and the radio playing.  Ahhhh.  That beautiful day was not an invitation though for mother nature to pour rain and clouds on us for the next two days, but the sun is back again today so I'll deal.

School-- I finished my thesis!  The best thing?  I finished my thesis a week and a half before it was actually due!  That being said I was able to email it to my prof, who will look it over and make sure all is well before I submit it to her next Friday for real for real.  I even finished my PowerPoint presentation and the abstract!  Go me! 
The fun part is now trying to figure out what I am going to write about for my 20 page paper that is due actually no later than 11:59 pm April 27!  I got a B on the 10 page paper I had due for this class last month, I'm kind of miffed actually because I honestly thought it was well-written.  He pretty much screwed everyone though, so I will just have to deal and work harder on this next one.  I am definitely going to hit up the school's writing center because I figure if I go there and I still get a mediocre grade, I can be like "what the hell do you want from me?" 

There are a couple dates this week that deserve mentioning.  Tomorrow, the 15th, is not only our nation's tax day, but also what would have been my sister's 29th birthday.  So weird to think of her as being almost 30.  What would she be doing now?  No one will ever know, but it's interesting to think about.  The day after that, the 16th, marks the fifth year anniversary of my mom's death.  I still think about her every day and wonder what she would be doing?  Would I be doing anything differently?  Would I have moved out already?  Would my mom still be working at Catholic and if so would she be doing what she really always wanted to do and be enrolled in classes?  All questions with no answers.  I find myself in that predicament quite frequently.  Oh well, I'll just keep on keeping on. 

One last shameless plug-- I am doing the race for hope in DC on Sunday May 1st!  I've almost reached my $1500 goal... so exciting!  If you would like to know more about the race and/or donate you can visit my team page, Team MFB, here!

Have an amazing end of the week and weekend!