Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Come on Irene...

Okay, so Irene didn't really tear up the DMV too badly. St. Mary's County and Ocean City were hit pretty hard, but as far as where I live-- wind and rain. There were half a million people without power but fortunately I was not one of them. My eye, however, had been glued to the storm days before she landed in the US. The freak earthquake last week didn't even shake me too much because that was a passing thing (thankfully) without much damage. The only thing though that stood between me and my sweet sweet vacation that I had been lusting after all year was this lady who wanted to make a name for herself in 2011. Irene. She was headed toward the east coast seemingly with a vengeance unheard of since the last hurricane that did a lot of damage to, well, anywhere really. More specifically she had her eye set on North Carolina's outer banks; determined to take them out. I don't know that I've prayed so much in a long time. The list was as follows:
1. Please God just blow her completely east never to be heard from again.
2. Ok, if she has to come to shore just don't let her do too much damage so that
a. No one gets hurt, and
b. I can still go on my vacation
3. Keep everyone up and down the coast safe and (please please please) don't let my vacation get canceled.

Yes, I'm aware we tend to pray when we want something. Honestly, I wanted my vacation but at the same time I also did not want the entire side of the country I live on to be torn to hell.
Anyway, God heard my prayers and answered with this:
Ok, I'll get her to die down a little but she's still gonna rock your coast. OBX will be alright, however I will wipe away the roads leading to your vacation rental with an ocean view. And, uh, enjoy your power cuz lots of people around you will be without.

Thanks God! I think?

So, the weekend was a lot of me being angry at the world and crying a little. But because I am friends with some determined motha-effas, I am currently blogging from the living room of a nice townhome, sound side, in the northern part of OBX. There's no ocean view but damnit I'm on vacation.

Thank God.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Slimmer This Summer Challenge Weeks 8 and 9

Sorry for my brief hiatus... I was crazy busy trying to finish up school. Last week I managed to lose 3 lbs and this week I gained 6!  Yes this past week has been my worst thus far, and I am going to make damn sure it's my last downfall... I don't have school as an excuse anymore... I now have the time I was devoting to my studies to reeeeally focus on my health.  That was painful today though at weigh-in... I felt like such a failure.  But I let that pass and now I am determined to turn my life around!

I also want to apologize... I have like 300 unread posts in my reader... I'll try to get to some soon and comment!  I'm actually busy at work for once and it's kind of nice.

oh yeah and btw, by "finish up school" I mean actually finish.  I can now say I have a Master's degree!! squee!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Slimmer This Summer Challenge Week 7

Ok a lot of things are winding down.  Sorry for the lack of a post.  Last week I lost 2 pounds, this week I gained 1.  I went away with the girls for a night and opted for candy and vodka rather than carrots and diet coke.  Since I weigh-in on Mondays there was no hope for me.  I had a nice work-out yesterday though.  I've incorporated the bike into my routine... my thighs were burning but it felt soooo good!  I'm back on track so I'm not even down on myself from this weekend because I had fun and I ate when I wanted to and tried not to stuff myself which is a good change I believe. 

On another note, tonight is my last class... next week is my final.  Soon, I'll be a Master!  Hahaha.  I can't believe it's gone by so fast. 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Slimmer This Summer Challenge Week 5

So because Monday was a holiday and I didn't have work, I didn't have my meeting at work.  Food has been going well-- I made a HUGE fruit salad over the weekend that I'm quite proud of... so I've been eating that for breakfast and stuff.  However, this week I do feel slightly bloated, which I think is because I'm a woman... oy.  I haven't gotten as much formal exercise in as I hoped to over the past few days-- for example I spent a good portion of Saturday walking around DC and a museum (Crime and Punishment... soooo coooooool).  If I had to guess my weight I would say I'm probably up 1 or 2 pounds.  I seriously blame the bloating though because everything else has pretty much been on point.  Ooh, this weekend I also made a lasagne using (mostly) eggplant in lieu of lasagne noodles!  It's really tasty!  Thank you Hungry Girl!  That's all I got for now.

PS- still am trying to catch up and comment on everyone's blogs... :)

Friday, July 1, 2011

StS Week 4

From Monday 6/27
I lost 4.5 pounds!  I officially feel like I'm back on track.  I have a work out regime going and I learned yesterday that the elliptical for an hour is not really that bad. 

Back to the Present
So I'm sorry for being MIA... I have been running non-stop it feels like.  Yesterday I went to get a temp crown on my tooth and ended up finding out I need a root canal... went for that this morning... now I'm in more pain than I was before I went in there!   

Anyway, I will catch up on everyone's blogs ASAP and give y'all a real update.  Happy Friday and Happy 4th!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Which Seat Can I Taaaaaake?

It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday!

Ok, I'm done with that.  So this week has been so-so.  I am having to spend a lot of money over the next week so I'm not really happy about that.  My car needs some things, I needed a new cell phone, and I have to get a crown on my tooth.  Oh and I still have to finish paying my tuition and another doctor bill from a couple months ago... oops!  Just when I think I have my debt under control... there it goes piling up again.  The American dream, right?

Oh well.  I'm hoping this weekend will bring some much needed time to sort out clothes and do laundry and stuff.  Otherwise, my brother just might sign me up to be on Hoarders or Clean House or something... just me and my room.  LoL!

Will be working out tonight... huzzah!

I never really watched much tv as a teen/young adult... until on-demand and dvr came about.  I was never around much to watch what I might have wanted to.  But thanks to those two inventions, I almost feel like a tv fanatic.  That being said, True Blood starts Sunday-- yay!  Weed and The Big C are on Monday-- double yay! 

Happy Friday!  Hope everyone has a fun weekend!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Keeping Motivated

I don't know that my title is grammatically correct, but whatever, you get what I mean.

After having soup with a sick friend last night it took all of my strength to not just go home and veg out.  It was getting late and I knew I wasn't going to make it to the gym, but my buddy had sent me a text motivating me to go (she was out of town) so that was in the back of my mind.  I made a compromise.  I called another friend and asked her to go for a walk with me, so we did!  It was a lovely walk... I have no idea how far it was, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was at least 2 miles.  It's going to start getting really hard again to go to the gym because I'm in a lot of pain from my herniated discs.  My hip/butt area kills.  This always seems to happen when I try to incorporate stretching and weight machines.  I think I'm just going to have to stick to the elliptical and occasionally treadmill, though that tends to bore me.

I have class tonight and I forgot my backpack at home!  Where's a mom when you need her? 

Monday, June 20, 2011

Slimmer This Summer Challenge Week 3

I do WW at work, but today I had a meeting during the time of what would have been my weigh-in.  I will try and locate another meeting somewhere else this week so I know how I'm doing, but I'm wary to weigh-in on another day with a different scale... thoughts?

I believe my week went well.  The weekend was a little rough because a cousin of mine was visiting, but I tried to not over-indulge.  I also took my dad to a baseball game yesterday for father's day and I did have a hot dog ;).  Oh, and a huge daquiri, but the only other thing I ate yesterday were some crabs and shrimp so I actually stayed within my P+ for the day.  Mmmm crabs.

Also last week I worked out Monday and Wednesday.  Trust, it will be more this week.  It takes me a little while to get used to new routines.  I have a buddy now and that makes all the difference.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Today was amazing.  I was in a good mood pretty much all day.  I ate pretty well and had an AWESOME work out.  It was really hard and I pushed myself a great deal, but in the end I felt great afterwards, well, great and starving haha.  I came home and made myself some tofu shirataki noodles and melted some laughing cow light cheese in them.  I also heated up a morningstar grilled chikn patty and steamed some snap peas.  I mixed that all together and it was delish! 

Class was alright last night.  We actually got out early... 9:15 instead of 9:40... I'll take it!  Tuesdays are so long.  Just six weeks left though and I'll have a master's degree! 

I appreciate all the support I've received thus far from StS challengers and other readers.  Does anyone know what I should do for my "bingo arms," i.e. the flabby mcflabsterness that's going on?

Oy, I'm tired.  Goodnight for now! 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

STS Challenge Week 2...

Alright, instead of simply avoiding my blog like I have done in the past, I will own up to my setbacks.  I did not work out at all last week.  Not for lack of want, but for a lack of time.  I seriously never got home until late every night. I also for some reason was incessantly hungry and that trend is sort of carrying on through this week.  I weighed in yesterday and gained 2 pounds.  Not cute.

I did work out yesterday though.  I got on that elliptical and called it my biotch.  Luckily, I had some sweet man candy to ogle while I was at the gym :).  I totally nullified my working out though by eating two slices of pizza, two chicken tenders, a couple spoonfuls of crab dip, and curly fries.  You may be wondering if I'm really serious about this challenge?  Well, I'm not trying to make excuses for my poor decisions, but I really wanted a 3rd or maybe even a 4th slice of pizza.  There was also one lone chicken tender left in the basket that I was tempted to eat just because I didn't want it to go to waste... but I didn't.  I really kept thinking about how I had done enough damage already just by eating what I ate and how I don't want to be (pardon the expression) a fatass anymore.  I know we're not allowed to say the "f" word in WW, but that's what I feel like sometimes.  

Food-wise today has not been that stellar of a day... just pray the profs bring Subway again for dinner and not pizza tonight.  I will not get home until after 10 so I will not be working out today.  However, I will be there tomorrow for sure.  (Especially since I now have man candy motivation).

I did drink more water this past week, but not enough, especially not over this past weekend when it was near 100 degrees and I was outside in it.  Oh!  But it was my Goddaughter's 2nd birthday and she is SUCH a doll!  Her parents built her a playset for her birthday and she just had a blast all day on that thing.  She was climbing and sliding and swinging and everyone was doting on her.  It was a lot of fun.  We also had the traditional keg... lol... which we finished by midnight that night.  Note: no children were given beer, only juice boxes.. hahaha. 

Wish me luck on a better week!  And good luck to y'all StS challengers!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Watch This

So I watched this and I'm now paranoid more than ever about developing skin cancer/melanoma.  I am a fair ginger who has been burned so badly as a youngster I got blisters.  Searching for a dermatologist pronto.

Remember to wear sunscreen y'all!


Panic! At the C-Store...

Yesterday I rounded off the day with a 6 inch sub from Subway, chips, cookie, and Diet Coke.  All of which was provided by my professors because they're beast.  My classmates, however, are annoying.  Maybe it's because I'm a senior amongst freshmen and sophomores?  Or perhaps I would like to be further along than page 6 of 16 after 3 hours!  Seriously people, send an email or something. 

However, today, is not going so well.  I had the incessant craving and NEEEEEED for Cool Ranch Doritos.  So instead of trying to eat around what I really wanted, I just bought the chips and ate the whole 2 and 1/8 oz bag.  And you know what?  I feel satisfied.  I feel slightly guilty, yes, but mostly satisfied.  I looked up the PPV (PointsPlus Values) and that bag just cost me 8.  That's cool though because while looking that up I recorded my weight finally and since March 21 I have lost 13.1 lbs!  That's a little over a pound per week... not bad I say.  That really just made me excited and not want to eat Cool Ranch Doritos for a while haha.

Keeping my eyes on the prize though.  The prize being the beach at the end of the summer.  Would LOVE to be slimmer for that!  

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

School Daze

So I originally started this blog to help me get through grad school while working full time and maintaining a social life.  I also started talking a lot about my weight loss journey that has been a long winding road of ups and downs, smiles, frowns, woohoos and boohoos.  Seeing as I am in my last semester of grad school, it's probably good that I start finding other things to discuss. 

The hardest part about this semester is going to be myself.  Staying motivated, focused, and doing what I need to do to get the grade I know I can get in this ONE class that I'm taking.  All that is asked of me is to read and show up (oh and take a 3.5 hour final at the end of it all).  I read for the first time today.  Class started two weeks ago.  Epic fail.  I really want an A, but I'm not exactly starting out on the A path.  Usually I'm all gung-ho at the beginning of a semester.  Now I fear that I've caught Senioritis.  I'm just so tired all of the time, reading will only make me fall asleep... right?

Now more than ever I need to push myself.  I need to finish up with the amazing grades I've maintained all along because this is my second chance at proving what I can do in school.  July 26th is just around the corner.  

Slimmer This Summer Challenge Day 2

So it's not really necessary I guess to post every day, but I wanna get into this.  I will calculate my points later but so far I've had:
1 scrambled egg
3 pieces of turkey bacon
1 ginormous salad (romaine, shredded carrots, egg whites, a few garbanzo beans, green pepper and couple grape tomatoes, Italian dressing with a splash of honey mustard).
1 20 oz. Diet Coke that I still have about a third left of.
1 20 oz. water that I'm not finished yet.

I know, I know.  I need to drink more water!  I'm working on it! 
I won't be able to work out tonight because I've got class til almost 10.  I have been walking around a lot at work today though in order to get some movement in.  Tomorrow I will definitely be hitting the gym.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Slimmer This Summer Challenge

I am still doing Weight Watchers, but I want to try and be more of a part of the blogger community so I am signing up for the

challenge. I actually had another loss this week of 5 point something lbs!  I am totally pumped. 

Basically by the end of this summer I want to have gotten into the habit of eating all the important nutrients I am supposed to daily.  In WW language these are the "good health guidelines."  It's going to be tough, especially the dairy part, but I think I might be over my fear/hatred of yogurt so that's a good thing.  I also need to remember to track everything and stay within my allotted points plus values.  And hydrate hydrate hydrate!  Which means water-- not Diet Coke (aka the elixir of life). 

Also this summer I want to build up a real honest to goodness work out regime... and by the end I hope to be gymming it up 5 times a week.

I don't really have a goal weight by the end of the summer, I would rather just maintain good habits, but I guess I would like to lose 10-20 lbs by the end of August.  I know that's kind of lofty, but maybe I'll land somewhere in the middle.

I've finally been losing every week for the past few, but it's not because I'm necessarily doing things right.  I want to reach a happy medium.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Weekend (and beginning) in review

This past weekend was chock full of fun and excitement!

On Friday night I can't really remember what I did but it involved going to bed early because Saturday morning I was up at the buttcrack of dawn (otherwise known as 8 am).  We bought tix for Catherine (for her bday last month) to go on a tour around DC of all the different places movies have been filmed.  Cool, right?  Right, we thought so.  She loves movies and is always trying to go be an extra if she hears they are filming in the area.  Here is the tale of our (mis)adventure:
Picked up two of the three ladies around 8:45 and headed to Metro.
Platform said 11 minutes.
Waited 20-25 for said Metro.
Told third lady to hustle so she would make our Metro otherwise she may be screwed.
Third lady gets to platform in time to see the doors have closed.
Get to Union Station to meet up with tour.
And wait.
And wait some more.
Third lady shows up, yay!
Tour guide finally shows up and tells everyone to go to the bathroom or get a drink or something and sorry he's late.  (I'm betting he was stuck somewhere on Metro).
Tour guide tells us about some movie things in the station and walks us outside to the bus.
Everyone piles on.
We drive maybe a mile (prob not even that far).
Turn around.
Street closed because of festival.
Also, DVD that is part of the tour experience won't work.
Back to Union Station.
Everybody off the bus.

So what to do?  It's a beautifully sunny day in the nation's capital.  Well, duh, go walk and see what that festival was that was blocking the road your bus couldn't drive on.  Turns out it was the Asian Heritage Festival.  Walked around there for a little bit then took a cab over to SE to Ted's Bulletin for adult milkshakes.  I highly recommend the tomato soup and grilled cheese with the mocha kahlua shake... delicioso!  The place is really cool too.

Then it was back home for a little rest and relaxation before I hung out with Lauren!  We grabbed dinner at Eggspectation and I turned her fears around with that place I think.  Then we saw Bridesmaids!  It was actually my second time seeing it, but I thought it was HI-larious both times so it was all good.  We ended the evening with a little nightcap in my kitchen then parted ways.

Sunday I slept in and did some tidying in my bedroom.  Then I met Cyndi up at the mall then went to Kelly's for a little feast and to watch Mean Girls.  T'was fun!  Thing I was most proud of?  Making it home from downtown DC in 22 minutes.  Not bad, not bad.

Monday I went to work and then worked out!

Tuesday class started up again.  Legal Aspects of Contracting.  I think it's going to be a good class, despite it being 4 hours every week.  After that I was starving so I raced to the pub to hang out and eat with everyone.  Catherine finished a comic that is AMAZING and HILARIOUS and debuted it last night.  A lot of people came out last night.  Special shout out to my girl Lucy who turned 21 at the stroke of midnight! <3

Today I have an appointment then I'm going to work out again... huzzah!  Oh btw, I weighed in and lost again this week!  HUZZAH!  Of course I just ate ice cream, mac n cheese, and an egg roll.... oops.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I am totally enjoying this short break from school.  When I leave work I get to go home!  What a novel idea! 

Not much to report on, I'm getting my appetite back after averaging 1-2 meals per day last week.  I wasn't sick, I just wasn't hungry.  So that I'm sure helped with my 2.4 pounds lost this week.  When I do eat, it's not much.  Last night for dinner I had a couple bites of potato salad, 1/4th of a cucumber, 97% fat free popcorn, and a WW ice cream sandwich.  For lunch I had a small salad and a few pieces of sushi. 

Like I said, not much to report... will hopefully carve out a workout regime for myself.  Excited for the weekend and it's only Tuesday... :)

**This just in**
I may not be as excited for the weekend... we shall see.  :-/

Friday, May 13, 2011


Posting this again because it just told me that the page doesn't exist... weird.

This semester was insane!  I was taking three classes AKA being full time, was working full time, and still managed a somewhat full time social calendar.  OMG. Never. Again.  Though the semester worked mostly in my favor, i.e. classes not always meeting every week, it was hella stressful especially the last couple of weeks.  I had to make sure my thesis and presentation were in order, AND I had a 15-25 page paper due for another class the last week of April as well.  Oh yeah, and a take home final for a class I was in less than 50% of the time (and by I, I mean the whole class because yes it was canceled that often).  The horror, right?  Well guess what?  I totally pulled it off!  In fact, I got an A in my capstone (thesis) class, an A in performance based contracting (take home), and an A- in contract management and administration (paper)!!  My GPA is now 3.855... and I am hoping I can score an A in my final class this summer and possibly bump that up to a 3.9.  So how did I do it?  I have no idea.  Everyone says "oh you're so smart" and that may be, but it definitely does not mean that I don't work hard.  I have to work my ass off to get good grades, they definitely don't come easy.  The class I got an A- in, I worked my butt off on the final paper, but I still thought I would only get a B or a B+ in the class.   My brain is as scrambled as this paragraph is that I just wrote... moving right along...

I really wish I was graduating in 2 days.  Maybe it's a good thing I'm not though.  I'm definitely not ready weight-wise.  I still don't wanna be ginormous for another graduation.  I have a year.  I need to just set my mind to it and go.

I'm super excited that Lauren is coming to visit in a week and a half!  We chatted on the phone the other night and there is still a hella lot to talk about when she gets here... I hope she has time!  Hahaha.

One thing I never really talk about on here is work and that's mainly because it's unfulfilling... oh and I work for the government.  Even though I don't really do anything that spiffy, the gov can get touchy about things, so I choose to leave it out.  Once I have my master's I will do something more awesome for the feds and all will be well :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Love is a many splendid thing...

Is that sentence even grammatically correct? Is it splendid or splendored?  Wait, that red squiggly seems to mean it's not a word or is misspelled.  Whatever.

Spring fever is in full effect, but all I seem to have gotten is Bieber fever... great.  Two good friends of mine have recently entered (rather quickly) into full blown relationship statuses (one is facebook official, the other is not).  I am happy for them, however, it kind of makes me want to vomit.  And I knew this day would come, the day where the majority of my friends are now couples and I'm just there hanging out with the last few singletons.  It's been the same story most of my life, but I guess because I'm older it tends to bother me a little bit more than normally.  This is not supposed to be a whiny post either so I hope it doesn't read that way.  At the moment I am too crazy for a relationship I think.  A friend of mine keeps telling me to join a dating site because of a dream she had a few months ago in which I was successful on said site.  Idk, I hate internet dating, but I don't really do anything that lets me meet new people.  The bars that I frequent are filled with bros or old men... and if I had to choose I would totally go with the old men.  She even offered to pay for my subscription, but I'm not sure I can take her up on it haha.

I have a TON more to post about, but I will have to get around to it later.  Feliz cinco de mayo!     

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Allelujah! Praise Jesus!

Shit! I'm going to hell.  Just said the "A" word and Lent is still going strong.

Anyway-- I got some of the best news ever today.  My Tuesday night class, for one, has been canceled! AND he pushed back the due date for our 20 page papers to the 26th instead of the 19th!  So it will be nice to only have one 20+ page paper due that week... haha.

That was from a couple of weeks ago...

So today I figured I really need to update because it's been quite a while.  I weighed in this week and lost 2pointsomething lbs... go me!  In celebration, I went to the gym Monday evening because that class was canceled... I did and I didn't mind because well the obvious is... why am I paying for this?  However, Monday was BE-A-UTIFUL here in the DMV so it was nice to go home with my sunroof open and the radio playing.  Ahhhh.  That beautiful day was not an invitation though for mother nature to pour rain and clouds on us for the next two days, but the sun is back again today so I'll deal.

School-- I finished my thesis!  The best thing?  I finished my thesis a week and a half before it was actually due!  That being said I was able to email it to my prof, who will look it over and make sure all is well before I submit it to her next Friday for real for real.  I even finished my PowerPoint presentation and the abstract!  Go me! 
The fun part is now trying to figure out what I am going to write about for my 20 page paper that is due actually no later than 11:59 pm April 27!  I got a B on the 10 page paper I had due for this class last month, I'm kind of miffed actually because I honestly thought it was well-written.  He pretty much screwed everyone though, so I will just have to deal and work harder on this next one.  I am definitely going to hit up the school's writing center because I figure if I go there and I still get a mediocre grade, I can be like "what the hell do you want from me?" 

There are a couple dates this week that deserve mentioning.  Tomorrow, the 15th, is not only our nation's tax day, but also what would have been my sister's 29th birthday.  So weird to think of her as being almost 30.  What would she be doing now?  No one will ever know, but it's interesting to think about.  The day after that, the 16th, marks the fifth year anniversary of my mom's death.  I still think about her every day and wonder what she would be doing?  Would I be doing anything differently?  Would I have moved out already?  Would my mom still be working at Catholic and if so would she be doing what she really always wanted to do and be enrolled in classes?  All questions with no answers.  I find myself in that predicament quite frequently.  Oh well, I'll just keep on keeping on. 

One last shameless plug-- I am doing the race for hope in DC on Sunday May 1st!  I've almost reached my $1500 goal... so exciting!  If you would like to know more about the race and/or donate you can visit my team page, Team MFB, here!

Have an amazing end of the week and weekend! 

Monday, March 28, 2011

There are never enough hours in the weekend.

I'm still getting used to my contacts... still not a pro at putting them in/taking them out.  Usually I have one eye that's all bitchy and the other is just like, whatever man I can take it. 

I had class Friday night and we were let go after 35 minutes.  Usually that'd totally be a "woohoo" scenario, but gas isn't cheap! That was a waste of my time and money (in more ways than one).  If it weren't rush hour on my way there (and subsequently my way back this time) things wouldn't be as bad, but when I'm not able to just straight move... that's irritating.  Add to that the metric ton of anxiety that's just chilling on my shoulders and you have one very unhappy Cara.  Class that night made me realize how much closer all of the due dates for everything are.  I have TWO papers due the week of the 18th... TWO!  Totaling over 40 pages!  I'm sure I've mentioned this before-- but that's crazy talk!  So, I decided the only way I could possibly get all of this finished on time is to take a couple of days off of work-- all I have to do is grow the balls to go and tell my boss that is what I'm doing.  I don't know why that's so hard for me to do?  Oh well. 

Saturday I watched my godbebe all day.  She's so cute, but she was getting over being sick and was still congested... oh and was teething again.  My friend Catherine came with me, she's super fun.
Myself, Maddie, and Catherine.  That's not a black eye, it's her hair circling her eye!
Maddie had a lot of fun with Cath and her iPhone cuz she has sweet games.
Saturday night (after a mad dash to the mall and a quick nap) we went up to Baltimore for a surprise birthday party for our friend Sean.  It was sort of kiddie themed-- there was a s'mores cake (delicious- had no idea that could be done), decorate your own cookies, brownie, cupcakes, etc.  Oh and pin the beer on the Sean!
This frighteningly looks just like him.  Sean's gf went to art school, I think one of her friends did this.
Of course it had to be Natty Boh-- considering it's Sean's fav since moving to Charm City.  Speaking of which, this is the view from their pretty fly high rise.
Baltimore! Sorry for the shitty quality- taken on iPhone 3G.
Sunday I slept til 11 or 11:30!  It felt MARVELOUS and I declared the day "me day."  I was supposed to take care of all the things I needed to do which sounds redundant, but whatever.  All I really ended up doing was laundry, buying a baby shower gift, and grocery shopping.  I did however cook a fabulous meal for myself and my friend Danny.  His gf is out of town right now so I figured he might want a home cooked meal lol.  Ok and I have to admit I was a tad lonely, but whatever it worked out!  Haha.  Hung out with him, our friend Shan came over, drank a couple of beers/watched TV, I kicked them out and went to bed. 

That's all for now, have a great week everybody!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Eye can see!

So I went to the eye doc yesterday after work and let me just say that he was nothing short of amazing.  Every step of everything he did, he explained what he was doing and why.  It was so informative and awesome!  I actually found out that I am neither nearsighted nor farsighted, I just have the astigmatism.  Basically, my cornea is misshapen so when light goes through it doesn't reflect correctly out so it causes the world to look blurry... along with that blurriness comes terrible headaches and other things for straining the eyes and the brain to see clearly.  When all was said and done, I got my contacts!  I am a little jittery putting them in and taking them out still (ok maybe bc it hasn't even been 24 hours), but I love not having to wear glasses-- I can see everywhere I look, there are no smudges, I'm not self-conscious (well, one less thing to be self-conscious about haha), c'est magnifique! 

And I just figured out why my eyes are constantly burning out of my skull by the time I go home everyday... the fricken brightness on my monitors was almost all the way up!  Woooow, I'm special.

I have class tonight-- ze capstone!  Have to have my powerpoint presentation figured out, it can only be 3 minutes long... I don't think that will be too hard.  Hell I'll even barter with other people who want to take longer-- I'll give the run down of mine in 1.5 minutes. 

That's all for now!  Have a nice weekend!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

3,2,1 Contacts!

Over the past couple of months I discovered how badly my sight has been deteriorating.  It's not AWFUL, but it's pretty bad.  So I think it was back in January I found glasses that I had gotten a couple of years ago, but never wore because they made me want to vomit (now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure the prescription was too strong).  However, now that it has been a couple of years, my eyes have gotten worse and it took almost no time to get used to wearing the glasses round the clock.  I have never ever ever liked wearing glasses.  There are a lot of people who can pull them off, I am not one of them.  Give me sunglasses, sure.  But regular glasses-- I look like the nerdiest of all nerds.  When I was 5 they told me I needed to wear glasses.  I got them, wore them for a couple days, and then who knows what happened to them.  They threatened me by saying they would make me wear an eye patch.  That never happened.  Then when I was 13 I went to see the optometrist or maybe it was an opthomologist (sp?) and he was like "wtf, you so don't need glasses!"  It took me a couple minutes to get out the door my grin was so large.. haha.  Since I have been in the workforce and thus posted up in front of a computer 5 out of 7 days of my life (for the past 3 and a half years), the eye sight has definitely dwindled, though it has put up a good fight for me.  I have astigmatism in both eyes.  Not cute.  Anyway, since I've been wearing the glasses I've been wishing for contacts so today I took a big girl pill and made an appointment! 
Getting ready to go out for a friend's birthday.
At the CAPS game for Shan's birthday.
Dork city!  Woohoo!  Ok, maybe I just need a friend to help pick out frames, but whatever, I'm totally stoked for contacts... I feel like I get my face back!  Now if anyone knows where to get them for cheap besides Costco-- I'm all ears.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Status Update

Sorry I've been off the scene for a minute.  I went to write so many times last week and just didn't.  Don't know what that was about.

So I weighed in today, and I gained 1 point something... honestly I think that's pretty good considering I drank myself silly on thursday, ate crap on friday, drank more beer on saturday/ chowed down on the PASTA BAR that was at my "little sister's" 21st birthday party.  Danielle, who I went to the condo with a couple weeks ago, is the mother of this girl... like I said they're all like family to me.  Oh and then Sunday I ate a jr. bacon cheeseburger from Wendy's and later some fries.  So yeah, a one point something gain is not too bad.  I'm still having a difficult time staying motivated... sometimes "being skinny!" just doesn't cut it.  LOL.  I need to get my ass back in the gym, was doing really well til I couldn't take the pain from my herniated discs.  Excuses, excuses... I'm going to be in pain forever, I need to just deal with it. 

As for school, my 10 page paper (technically no more than 12 no less than 8 page paper) has stuff on the eighth page, haha.  I obviously need to add more to it, but that will be a challenge considering i am having a hard enough time keeping my eyes open right this moment and I have class tonight.  Crap, I forgot to read... it's not like we've had 5 weeks or anything to read this chapter... yep, ridiculous.  I better have gotten an A on the midterm, though I doubt it.  *fingers crossed*  Then all I have left this semester is a 20 page paper for the Tuesday class, a final for the Monday class, and I need to finish my capstone paper.  This semester of 3 classes that I thought originally would make me suicidal hasn't been SO bad.  Ok back to the paper that's due tomorrow-- haha.  Umm, yeah.  Whatever y'all know I will get it done.  I always do.  I just hope it's up to this guy's standards... which I can't really tell.  What's weird is after reading through most of it the other day I was kind of like "wow, this is a good paper!" which I'm usually never like.  But, who knows?  Maybe it will earn me that A I so desperately want. 

Monday, March 14, 2011

Friend Makin' Monday: Survey!

Today's FMM, found on this here blog is a little survey of randomness.  Hope y'all enjoy!

1) What's your favorite brand of make-up? Are you loyal to one brand?  I am actually in a transition period for make-up.  Being 25 I am about to start buying the expensive stuff as opposed to the "cheap" stuff. 

2) What is the last thing you drank? Diet Pepsi

3) What's your favorite Girl Scout cookie? Tagalongs... you can NEVER go wrong with peanut butter and chocolate.

4) French Fries or Onion Rings? Ick-- I HATE onions with a passion... so I french fries it is!

5) Share something you've done in the last week that makes you proud of yourself. I wrote most of my paper on Saturday.  And I lost three pounds.  *cheese grin*

6) What is your favorite inexpensive indulgence? Music... like buying singles off of iTunes.

7) Are you currently reading a book? If so, which one? Nothing at the moment... le sigh.  That's what happens when I'm taking classes.

8) Do you prefer to text or talk? If I'm trying to tell a story and it's convenient I will call the person... or if I'm driving I want someone to call me or I'll call the person if they insist on having a conversation while I'm at the wheel.  I do enjoy texting.

9) Have you ever performed on stage? I've acted and I've sang and I've played the drums... but it's been at least since 12th grade.

10) Are you more likely to pick truth or dare? It depends who I'm around.  I like the easy out of truth, but sometimes I just like to mix it up and pick dare to throw everyone off... not that I've played truth or dare in a few years, but you know.

Copy and paste and answer in your own blogs, but don't forget to let me know about it!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

WVA, Nat Geo, and Whale Bits...

I left for West Virginia last night with Danielle.  She is my mom-friend.  She was my mom's best friend and a sort of mentor to me and she and her family are like my own family.  They also own a bangin' condo in the mountains of West Virginia.  So I'm here attempting to write the 10 page paper I have due on the 22nd.  It's proving to be easier thought than done.  I have six pages so far, but kind of a lot of quotations.  I don't know how my prof will feel about that.  A lot have come out of the book we use for class which I'm sure is a big no-no, but I'm so unmotivated.  I've also quoted the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) numerous times, but when your topic revolves around contracting, why wouldn't you?  Or I?  I don't know, I've been writing for several hours, you cannot possibly expect me to use proper mechanics and grammar here and now.  Hehe aww Danielle's asleep on the couch next to me while some weird ass show is on the Nat Geo channel... or is it History?  No, definitely Nat Geo.  They just showed a caterpillar turning into a butterfly and now... crabs?  Idk my bff Jill?

I was in such a funk this week... I could barely get out of bed.  I hate those days.  Oh my... whale penis!  Sorry I have got to stop watching this crazy nature show. 

That's all for now, I am obviously too distracted at the moment.  Wish me luck on finishing this paper... I desperately need it.  Goodnight!

PS- I just watched a praying mantis demolish a monarch butterfly.  I wish you could see my face right now because words cannot describe it.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mardi Gras and The ABC's of Me

Mardi Gras. Fat Tuesday.  It's kind of funny how things come about and how incredibly real people were back in the day.  "Well, for 40 days I have to abstain and fast and not party so let's go nuts the day before this all starts!"  Yeah I don't have much more to say about this.  I may or may not get my ashes tomorrow... haven't decided.  Enjoy the following!

Age: 25-- quarter of a century and still kickin'! ;)
Bed size: queeeeen... it's my first grown up bed!
Chore you dislike: cleaning the bathroom and vacuuming only because I hate the vacuum cleaner we have.
Dogs: Not really an animal person and because of that they love me.
Essential start to your day: just everyone leave me alone

Gold or silver: Gold. Lauren I love yellow gold, idky everyone hates.
Height: 5'6"
Instruments you play(ed): Drums from 4-8 grade, then I got a set in high school and messed around on it without any formal instruction... then I had to sell it because I went to college and it took up space in the basement.
Job Title: Administrative Technician... whatever that means.
Kids: Right now I don't foresee any in my future and I'm okay with that.
Live: at home... I'm well aware I need to move out.
Mom's name: Mary
Nicknames: CTB, Red, FC, Cara B., a lot of names involving my last name, B, Peter Pan
Overnight hospital stays: Well I had my tonsils/adnoids out at age 6, but that was in and out.  At age 12 I had two cysts removed from my ovaries... wait, that was in and out as well.  Umm.. at 17 I had two more cysts removed from my ovaries which required a 2-3 day stay because I was cut from hip to hip bc the cysts were so large.  Age 19ish I was hospitalized for 5 days bc of pancreatitis (I lost ten pounds and became addicted to pain medication!  Fortunately the addiction didn't last much after I got out of the hospital... though coming down was a bitch).  Age 22 I had another large cyst (football sized) on my ovary which required the entire left ovary/fallopian tube to be removed, tho laparascopy was used it took 4.5 hours so I stayed overnight for that.  There have also been several ER nights, including the one before my mom died where I had a nose bleed that wouldn't stop. 
Pet peeves: people who stand on the left side of the escalator <--- yes!  EscaLEFTERS! Oh and ADULTS who throw hissy fits.
Quote from a movie: 
"Happiness isn't happiness without a violin-playing goat."
Righty or lefty: Righty.
Siblings: One older brother and one older sister (deceased).  I never know how to answer that question anymore.
Time you wake up: the alarm starts going off around 6:15... if I hear it I get up around 6:30, generally I don't so I don't get up til 7 or 7:20.  I HATE mornings.
Underwear: everything from boy cut to granny to high thigh to hipster or whatever the hell they're all called.
Vegetables you don't like: Onions... they're veggies right?  I DESPISE ONIONS.  And they are in EVERYTHING which sucks.  LoL
What makes you run late: oversleeping
X-rays you've had: teeth, feet, back, chest, wrist, legs, abdomen/pelvic, multiple CT scans and MRIs on pelvis, chest, brain (after car accident), back... oh and an internal ultrasound of my lady organs (not cute, because of my luck with cysts i now have to have this done every year and for a while after my last surgery it was every 6 months)
Yummy food you make: I've only ever made one thing that I thought was gross... and it was the first time I made chili... but everyone else who ate it thought it was good (or at least said that and ate it).  The best thing I make is lasagna.  I prefer cooking to baking because I don't have a lot of patience.
Zoo: Loved the polar bears at the Baltimore Zoo when I was like 7... and the National Zoo is awesome cuz it's free.

Monday, March 7, 2011


I am absolutely fuming right now.  I weighed in today at WW and I have GAINED two point something pounds over the past three weeks!  I almost cried right then and there.  A loss of .1 would have made me happy because I've been careful about what I've been eating (this weekend aside) AND I've definitely been more active.  Even this weekend I didn't go completely nuts with all the crappy food we made in Ocean City.  I'm not obsessed with numbers, but this is frustrating.  I feel like such a loser-- and not in the biggest loser type of way. 

I don't even know why I try.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Furlough Postponed

Is it bad that I kind of wanted the government to shut down for two weeks?  Not only would I get a random two week vacation, but federal workers might gain some respect from our fellow citizens-- for example, as soon as important shit stopped getting taken care of.  But no, Congress is going to dawdle every couple of weeks to come up with a budget for a fiscal year that is damn near over already.  Seriously?  How hard is it to pass a budget by September 30th?  Oh yeah let me also add, WHEN IT'S YOUR JOB?!  Too bad we can't fire everyone in Congress.  That's really what needs to happen-- get all fresh faces of people who want to do things for us Americans, as opposed to the greedy, jaded, money-grubbers who are already in there.  I'm not anti-America, I love this country and I realize how good I have it; but these people we elect (and yes, I'm guilty of it too) just really make me sit down and shake my head sometimes. 

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bourne This Way

I thought the above video was really cute, so I decided to share it.  Matt Damon on Ellen.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Some ranting ending with a spotlight on take home tests!

I'm super unhappy today for reasons I cannot really divulge because this blog is public.  And even though I'm pretty sure only one person reads this, I can't help the feeling of big brother watching me.  The long and the short of it is I'm displeased at my place of employment.  I know I need to look for something else, I just need to update my resume.  Moving right along...

I have a rather busy weekend ahead of me-- baby shower Saturday followed by driving to Ocean City for Shannon's birthday then coming back the next day.  March is always crazy, I have known this forever, yet still I waited to work on my papers.  Oh well, I'm hoping to go up to the condo the following weekend to do school and just chill the F out.  I think I deserve it.

Tonight I'm going down to VA to visit a friend who says she needs a friend, I don't think I'll be very good company myself, but tonight I'm happy to oblige.

Take Home Tests
Always sounds like the greatest idea ever, but never turns out that way.  After talking with several classmates last night, I have found that our take home midterm for a different class is kind of hard and some of the answers are nowhere to be found.  Fuck.  I should have warned you, I like to cuss from time to time.  Looks like I will be spending tomorrow and Friday night working that out (along with doing laundry and purchasing a shower gift).

Monday, February 28, 2011


I have a lot to say this post, so bear with me. 

First of all, I would like to recognize the anniversary of the death of my sister.  It was five years ago yesterday that I found her in her room.  She had a seizure, her heart stopped, and could not be revived.  I was a junior and it was the first day of my spring break.  My mom was dying of cancer and I really didn't think life could get any worse-- until that happened.  She was about a month and a half away from her 24th birthday.  Yesterday, I spent the day with my sister's best girlfriends.  It was a little weird, but okay.  We ate baked chicken breast coated in barbecue sauce and mashed potatoes, two things my sister loved.  We drank wine and looked at pictures.  In the morning before that I went to mass and breakfast with my father; the day turned out to be beautiful-- warm and sunny.  It's still hard, but I know she's in a better place.

Switching gears, I got my rough draft back!  It's "near perfect."  Woohoo!  Now I just need to figure out what questions to ask for the methodology section of the paper.  Oh, and contact persons to answer said questions or survey, if you will.  I have a 10 page paper that's due in a few weeks so that will be interesting.  Good thing next week is spring break, hopefully I'll be able to do some research for it and possibly get it written.  I still have to tweak my topic for the 20 page paper that is due two weeks after the 10 pager... eeshka. 

Now for fat camp-- and I hope I don't offend anyone with that term.  I stole it from a friend of mine who is also doing WW.  It's a funny name for something I try and take seriously.  I'm really happy because I've finally been getting myself to the gym.  And something happened to me the other night.  I'm tired of being sort of looked over I guess by the opposite sex.  As vain or shallow as this sounds... it sucks.  What sucks even more is when I'm out with my "hotter" friends and they're all getting hit on and I'm just there.  Anyway, it might not be the best reason to get healthy, but if it kicks my butt to the gym then I'll take it for now.  It feels good to work out and eat healthy, but I feel almost like I've gained weight the past couple of weeks.  It's extremely frustrating.  The good thing is that instead of giving up, I keep pushing forward.  

Lastly, I'd like to say a big CONGRATULATIONS to my friend-sister Lauren for completing a marathon yesterday.  I'm so proud of her!  One day, we will run a race together I just know it! 

Have a great week everybody!

Friend Makin' Monday: Movies

Found this on a blog I just started reading. 

1. What is your favorite movie? 
The first three that come to mind are Notting Hill, Napoleon Dynamite, and Dirty Dancing. 
2. If you could trade lives with an actor or actress for one day, who would you choose?  And why?
I would choose Betty White because I would want people to fawn all over me and wonder what the next bad ass thing I'm gonna do is.
3. Who is your favorite actor/actress?  
Hands down Julia Roberts is my favorite actress... ever!   She's amazing at life (so it seems).  She's a phenomenal actress and I love almost everything she's ever been in.  As for actors... I don't really have a favorite when it comes to acting skills... but Matthew McConaughey and Vin Diesel are scrumptious!  Along with the usual Brad Pitt... oh and L.L.Cool J., and a plethora of others.

*So the Oscars were boring?  What else is new?  Anne Hathaway's dresses (and tux) were all really pretty.  What do you think?*

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cough Cough

I have a confession to make.  I know I'm committing blogger suicide right now.  Ok, not really, but I know anyone who reads this and doesn't know me is probably going to be all "for real? are you an idiot?"  To that I answer, "yes, yes I am."  Ok, I don't actually concede to being an idiot... ahhh... guess I'll just come right out and say it.  No use beating around the bush any longer...

I'm a smoker! *ducks*

No worries, I am well aware of the implications smoking has on my life.  For one, being overweight is bad enough, but being an overweight smoker of delicious Camel Lights is truly a death sentence.  Add in the pulmonary embolisms I had last year and that's like just stab me in the lung or something.  Actually the smoking didn't have anything to do with the PEs... I have a genetic mutation that causes my blood to be super thick... but everyone at the hospital sure had a field day ripping me a new asshole because I was smoking while on birth control.  Hello, do I look 35?  Yeah, I watch the commercials... at the time I wasn't even 25 and had been off and on birth control since I was 18ish because of the damn problems involving my ovaries (now ovary). Actually here was the triple crown reasoning for the PEs a la Suburban Hospital-- 1. smoker  2. birth control  3. fat
Nevermind the fact that the doctor told me to my face that he was going to skip all other necessary blood work to determine why I got the clots because he was satisfied with his own deductive reasoning. 

Don't judge me!  I'm a very nice girl.  I really love smoking cigarettes, they've been there for me through all my hard times.  Unfortunately, they're only going to lead to more hard times.  I didn't know this whole post would turn into a ranting about my... ::shudder:: ...addiction.

I wish I was addicted to cleaning the house.  Then I'd be a freak and probably wouldn't ever leave.  At least smoking is mobile!  Yeah, I'm going to shut up now, haha.

There were some fat camp-related things I wanted to talk about, but I'll just wait til next post.

Do you have an addiction that people shun you for?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


This past weekend was crazy, awesome, and of course too short.  Katie and Cyndi came from Long Island to visit!  Cyndi's moving back!  All is right with the world!!

I've decided to walk the Race for Hope- DC which raises money to help the fight against brain tumors.  Obviously I've talked about my mom dying from brain cancer 5 years ago, but I don't remember if I mentioned this or not-- my friend Cyndi's nephew (who is all of 3) has been battling brain cancer since age 1.  He's maxed out on radiation.  He is adorable-- I saw a video this weekend of him demonstrating "The Situation."    At first, I was going to just do this solo and quietly solicit donations from people, but once a couple of my friends heard I was doing it they either donated right away or pounced and were like "i want to do it with you!"  So, I emailed the people today and was able to turn my one person show into a team!  So far it's a two person show!  LoL.

I did absolutely no school work this weekend!  The rough draft was due Friday and that's when my extent of school ended.  This week is pretty sweet though-- no classes except for a possible one-on-one this Friday or next about my paper, which I think I need because I feel like my paper is a HOT MESS. 

I've been tracking!  But more on that later! 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Weekend recap and other things

So, it's not exactly how I pictured it in my head, but I received a flower at work!
 This really nice man at my ww meeting gave one to each of us ladies yesterday.  So cute!  And definitely put a smile on my face for most of the afternoon.  Speaking of fat camp, I stuck to my goal and tracked 4 days last week.  So far this week I've tracked yesterday and today.  Oh, and I gained .6, but I'm not discouraged as that was probably the chinese food I gorged on Sunday night.  That was totally worth it though because my brother and I spent time together.  See, he is 13 years older than me and we've not always gotten along.  Since the deaths we've become a lot closer, but we still keep our distance at times (happens when you live with someone I feel).  But Sunday night I picked him up from work and we hung out and went grocery shopping together-- I was in desperate need of healthier food items.  It was getting kind of late though so after I spent about $100 on healthy stuff, I ordered Chinese food for us... a bit counter productive maybe, but I was tired and not in the mood to cook.  We ate food and watched TV together then went to bed.  A perfect evening if you ask me.  
Since I went into Sunday night, I should recap the rest of my weekend:
Friday-- went to class, came home, ate, watched tv, was in bed by 10:30!  
Saturday-- post office (finally mailed the CD for the music exchange... oops), pedicures with Heather, followed by Chipotle and watching my little peanut! 

That would be me and my goddaughter, Madeline.  She's getting her 2 year molars so that's why she's a bit drooly on the shirt... that and oh yeah she's a baby.  

After watching her, I went home and talked with my brother for a little while (conversation which led us to make plans for the next day) which was super exciting because we rarely make plans with one another.  We're both just super busy.  Then I went to Corner Pub, hung out with some of the usual suspects, went to Shannon's, stayed up all night and took her to Union Station at 5 AM so she could catch a train to NYC for Toy Fair.  Catherine rode with me and we got McD's breakfast on the way home.  At 6:30 I passed the F out.  Woke up around 11:30 and went to the gym!  Hooray for me! After I got home I resisted the urge to take a nap and got to work on my rough draft (finally).  Mary came over to do work a little later and we ended up gabbing til she had to leave.  Then I left to get my brother and you know the rest from there.

Who has not made an appearance in this post/weekend?  My father.  Why?  He's started dating someone.  My mother died five years ago.  I'm happy for him.  Any reservations I have about him dating has nothing to do with my mother and everything to do with me.  Selfish?  Perhaps, but I'm working through it.  Change is an adjustment. 

I sent in the topics for my other two papers today and got the OK on one and have to tweak the other a little. 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Getting Over Hump Day

Coming up with a topic for a paper about contracting is not that easy.  Coming up with TWO topics for TWO papers both having to deal with contracting is a nightmare.  Ok, in reality it's not that bad, I just don't know which direction I want to go in.  I have a 10 page paper and a 20 page paper.  Last night I threw out the idea of subcontracting and teaming to my professor and he loved it!  So I guess that will be my 10 page paper.  I would love to just copy my 25 page paper from the Capstone and use it as my 20 page paper, but that's not allowed.  I'm trying to determine if it's even worth it to make the two similar to save me some research time... hmmmm???  Speaking of the Capstone-- that rough draft is due next week... AHHHH!  I still never made that damn schedule for myself and now we are well into February. 
Banana Break
Sorry I was starving and I'm finally back in fat camp again, counting points plus values and whatnot... all fruit is FREE!  Which is amazaballs.
Anyway, back to school.  I don't feel so overwhelmed, not yet anyway.  I really feel like I should be overwhelmed.  I still find myself waiting til the last minute to do stuff, but I'm surprisingly okay.  I do need to try to stay in this weekend some and work on the Introduction section of my research paper because I would rather not be scrambling next Thursday night trying to make my rough draft as damn near perfect as possible.  I don't need that stress. 

OH!  I am glad all of my Valentine's Day plans are solidified.  First, I'm going to go to class.  Next, I'm spending a romantic evening with Catherine and Mary!  And by romantic, I mean we are going to make dinner, play Wii and/or do the Dirty Dancing workout DVD, drink champagne, and probably gossip about everyone we know or just talk about the boys we aren't dating at the moment-- that makes more sense.  I'm fairly apathetic when it comes to Valentine's Day.  I'm not really bitter, though I've always wanted to receive flowers at work... from anyone!  That's kind of random, but there ya go... my feelings on V-Day... random, and not chock full of singles doom. 

Monday, February 7, 2011


Ugh, it's Monday and I didn't sleep last night.  I just remember tossing, turning, waking up, and looking at the clock.  Have already downed one sugar free Rockstar energy drink, may need to get a second one.  

The weekend was nice, though I did not do a whole lot in terms of school.  I did do a crap-ton of laundry (finally).  I really need to get back on that doing laundry every week thing because having to spend 4 or 5 hours at a time on it is annoying.  Ooh!  Saturday I went to the Newseum with Catherine and Mary which was really really cool... I've lived here my whole life and have never been.  I really enjoyed the exhibit of all the Pulitzer Prize winning photos-- really really cool.  After we spent several hours there, we went to an early dinner at Carmines, a family style Italiano ristorante, which was really really good... mmm yum!  Sunday was when I did laundry/watched a marathon of Murder, She Wrote.  Also?  The Superbowl-- I wasn't really rooting for anyone, maybe leaning more towards the Steelers, but not particularly upset that they lost.  With the exception of maybe 2 or 3, the commercials were weak sauce.  And Fergie cannot sing live and whoever was in charge of sound for the halftime show was probably fired on the spot.  I mean I feel bad judging one's musical talent-- obviously she has something because she is making money and I am not, but it was what it was and what it was was bad.  But the visual part of the whole thing was cool... oh and can't forget Usher... mmm yeah.

I don't really know what my purpose is with this blog.  I'm really trying hard not to be all emo with it.  I guess I'm doing a fairly decent job at chronicling my graduate school adventures.  As far as maintaining a healthy lifestyle, probably the only healthy element of my life right now is me going to therapy once a week.  I did join that cheaper gym though, and as soon as I'm done being a woman this month (which really sucks when you're on blood thinners BTW) I'll actually go. 

This week I've got two more articles due.  Next week I have one article and my rough draft due... which will be a crisis all on its own because I feel like I virtually have nothing for this paper.  I feel like none of the articles I've found have really related to my "research problem" which is a problem all on its own.  Oh well, I'll figure something out.  It's just a rough draft so it doesn't have to be anywhere near perfect. 

Thursday, February 3, 2011


This week has not been very productive in the world of school.  I skipped class Monday night because my chest was hurting (from puking Saturday night I'm almost positive).  I skipped class Tuesday night to go to my friend Keith's dad's wake, and Wednesday I skipped work to go to the funeral.  And yes, I needed the whole day, not just a couple hours, trust me. 

Keith was happy a few of us were able to make it to the funeral and told us not to worry about going to the cemetery, so I didn't.  Instead I went to the cemetery where my mom and sister (and grandmother, grandfather, and great-grandfather) are buried.  However, I am a dumbass and did not factor in the 6 inches of snow that would still be covering the grass from the previous snowstorms we've had.  So I sat in my car, and honestly, felt nothing but frustration.  So I got in touch with my friend Catherine and met her and her co-worker/friend Diana for lunch in Burtonsville where they work.  That helped get my mind off things and was really yummy (we ate Afghan). 

When I got home instead of doing homework or laundry or something productive, I totally took a nap.  After that, I went to therapy (you have two family members die within 6 weeks of each other and tell me you don't need it) and actually was able to get a lot of things out and realized just how much I've been holding in for a week or two.  Crazy.  People-- it is ALWAYS better out than in. 

Tonight I am left with two article summaries to do for tomorrow night's class.  It's not ideal, but I'm trying not to beat myself up over it since I've been on a roller-coaster of emotion and stress.  I just hope I can find relatively short articles, because I can't take anymore 30-50 page ones. 

My friend Lauren wants to know what I'm wishing for.  Right now it's sunshine, warmth, and brains.  LoL

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Alright this snow storm definitely does not hold a candle to last year's "SnOMG" or "Snowmageddon," but it definitely takes the cake for worst traffic disaster in the DC Metro area in a looooong time (that's my unofficial report).  I have friends who have been on the road for HOURS with no hope of being home any time soon.

Luckily, today was a sick day for me so I haven't had to deal with any of it.  I'm just thanking my lucky stars that I have power and hope that it remains on.

Since I am now able to use older articles for my research paper, I downloaded a bunch earlier that I need to weed through and make sure I can actually use them.  What I really want to do is watch Fantasia and Beauty and the Beast that I just ordered and received from Amazon in the mail a couple days ago.  Sigh.  I'm trying to remain a devout student however and am answering the chapter review questions that we have to turn in.  In the meantime, I'm praying for a snow day tomorrow.

I also realized that I have not posted any pictures since the Redskins game I went to back in September or October and that's no fun.  So enjoy some of these gems from New Year's Eve!

Some of my bestestes. Jessica, Heather, myself, and Meg

This kid is like my little brother.  I <3 him!

Carlos looking faaaabulous!

My college bestestes! Mary, me, Cyndi, Catherine.

Mother of my godchild... love this woman!

Danielle is like my second mom.

Yeah, I'm goofy and I love champagne!  Poppin' bottles!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

So All I Have To Do Is Ask?

I spoke with Professor Xanax (as my friend Kelly has so lovingly nicknamed her) over the weekend.  Really I almost feel bad for posting this because she is actually a lovely woman, she is just extremely calm and I don't know that she has ever been upset ever-- which isn't always a bad thing.  Anyway, I told her it was taking an act of Congress to find an article in a scholarly journal that wasn't more than two years old for this damn research paper.  So, she told me to use older articles that I am finding... SWEET!  Because I literally spent HOURS this weekend searching for articles that would work. 
1. That can be very daunting.
2. That can be very discouraging when you don't find anything after spending so much time.
3. Now I will be burning the midnight oil once again this week trying to get the summaries done on time... luckily our class is canceled for this Friday so we have until midnight to email our assignments for the week.

I promised my friend Heather that I would make a legit schedule for myself for the rest of the semester, once I do that I'll try to figure out how to post it on here.

OH! So I went to the third class Performance Based Contracting last night and I think it's going to be a piece of cake.  We have a midterm and final that are both open book/note/neighbor what have you.  And an in-class project?  No idea what that means or entails, but I'm SO THANKFUL there are no more papers to add to the Spring semester from hell pile.  And I remember when I thought last summer was hell.... sigh.

Fat Camp is postponed til further notice... I have been eating everything in sight the past couple of days... no idea what's going on with my body... it's probably trying to be a woman.  I am giving up my work gym membership and going to sign up at this other gym near my house that's only $10 a month.

Now a few fun facts about me!
I love driving, I think because I'm really good at it-- it's hard to come by good drivers these days.
I have had 3 surgeries on my ovaries... the last one ended up in removing my left ovary and fallopian tube (yes, I can still have children if I want them)
You know I'm drunk when I get really chatty and hyper-- I'm generally a more quiet and subdued person

Happy Chewsday! 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

This Break Brought to You by...


I swear it will kill me one day, or maybe just seriously maim me.

Since my head is about to explode I figured now is as good a time as any to update!  First let me start off with the fact that I had an A-mazing dinner last night with my good friend/sista from anotha mista Lauren who was in town on business and made room to spend a little time with moi on her last night.  We ate at Lebanese Taverna and indulged in some delightful conversation and Maggie Moo's after.  Yes, we did eat ice cream when it was 30 degrees out... in my car, with the heat blasting.  Don't judge.

I really need to make a schedule up for myself.  I honestly thought that I had done a lot of my work for tomorrow this past weekend.  In reality, I pretty much didn't do anything but decide again what topic to go with.  Oops.  So here I sit, trying my best to understand this article from a Public Law journal about small businesses and contracting-- with a ton of jargon that may as well be written in Greek.  The reason for this tiny break is because I have been Googling said jargon to try and make sense of this article that may actually not be useful to my paper at all, but seeing it's the 11th hour, I will have to make due and just add that tidbit to the end of my summary.  Back to the schedule-- I think I've been putting it off because I have yet to go to my third class which starts next Monday (after the add/drop date might I add) which means I am screwed if I was thinking about dropping one of the three classes due to realization of insanity and A. getting my money back and B. without it showing up as a big ol W on my transcript.  I'm pretty much balls-to-the-walls-ing it this semester.  Third class or not, I need to get my ass in gear on this seminar class.

My proposed schedule:
Tomorrow (Friday night): class from 6:10-8:40
Saturday: 12-whenever I drop: library time
Saturday night: Possible outing if and only if I have gotten said ass into gear
Sunday: 12-5 reading and possibly writing and preparing for Tuesday's class (so reading)
Monday: class
Tuesday: class
Wednesday: 5-10 more reading and writing
Thursday: 5-10 more reading and writing or whatever else I have to do

Hopefully I can stick to this because God knows I need to. He also knows I have trouble sticking to schedules like this... I pray for discipline!

Ok, I really wanted to be done by 10, but it looks like it's going to be more like 2 at this point.  Positive energy is always welcome. 

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Must Keep One Resolution

I resolved to write more.  I haven't had a moment to physically write in my journal so I will blog.

I called my professor tonight in crisis.  We had to turn in proposals for our papers yesterday and mine was a hot mess (or so I thought).  After about five or ten minutes she had me totally calmed down and was able to help me keep the topic I want to write about, just spun it a little differently so it is more positive and more researchable-- yes I just made that up get over it red squiggly line.  I desperately need to create a schedule for myself and STICK TO IT.  Seems to be the only way I will survive this semester. 

As for all other areas of my life?  I gained some weight over the holidays, but hopefully I will be back to the gym despite the incessant pain running down my leg.  Work is a whole 'nother story-- I have a new supervisor-- 'nuff said. 

Since I have put in quite a bit of time today for school I am going to reward myself with a little trip to the pub. 

PS-- I'm a part of a music exchange and am so excited to give and receive!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Spring Eleven

I went to my first class of the semester last night and this definitely will be my most challenging semester of all.  But I still want straight A's.  Goodbye social life, hello library! 

Yesterday's class, Fed. Contract Management and Administration, consists of a text that's Bible thickness, a professor who reminds me of a slightly more neurotic Jerry Seinfeld (in a good way), and papers the sum of the page numbers equaling anywhere from 25 to 40 pages.  I realize, folks, that I am in grad school, and that people in grad school have to do research and write papers, etc.  Bare (or is it bear?) with me for a second.  Even though I have only attended one of three class I am taking so far this semester I do know that in my next class I will have a 25 page paper/project, several journals, drafts, and articles I'll have to read.  As for the third class-- I have no idea what to expect at this point. 

When I figure out how I'm going to work this and get everything done, I will let you all know. ;)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New-- ahhh forget it!

I blinked and 2010 was out the door skipping down the sidewalk.  Tucked in its suitcases (I'm assuming) were the 10 pounds I managed to lose and keep off since August, the A- and B grades that ruined my pristine 4.0 average in GRAD school (yeah I knew it wouldn't last long either), the near-death experience with the PEs, bad choices, good choices, indifference, crazy people, attempts to better myself along with attempts at self-sabotage.  Heartache-- thank God that left with the crazy people.  I don't really know what else I accomplished last year-- aside from the few week breaks here and there, I was in school all year long; I worked really hard and I did well.  I have a 3.8something to show for that.  Love will not be leaving, because I have yet to find it-- maybe 2011 will bring someone who loves me for me, wouldn't that be nice?  Perhaps I'll learn to love myself first. 

What do I want from 2011?
I want to get all A's in the rest of my classes.
I want to stay sane through the Spring semester because I will be full time.
I want to develop self-discipline so that I produce the best work possible.
I want to develop self-discipline to create a healthy routine for myself.
I want to stop smoking.
I want the chronic pain to go away.
I want to go to Kosovo and visit my friend.
I do not want to be on coumadin for the rest of my life, though I probably will have to be.
I do not want to be the Michelin Man at my graduation in the Fall.

For an extreme goal I want to be happy and not think about death/dying.

Hopes for others: I hope my brother finds happiness even though he thinks he never will, and I hope my dad meets a nice lady to hang out with ;)

I normally call bullshit on new year's resolutions, which is why I just cut to the chase-- this is what I want and hope for.  Whether or not any of it happens, is up to me and the higher power.  I might also implore my mom a little, maybe my sister.