Friday, November 12, 2010

Monthly Update! Hahahaha

Originally written on 10/13... oops...
Yes I know, it's been way too long, but I've been busy.  School is kicking my @$$!!  Strat (no longer strappy, that's just weird) requires most of my brain power.  Meanwhile, I've been slacking on FAC because not much is required of me.  I'm pretty sure I blew the test I had in it last week which means I need to bust ass on the rest of them... which is only 3.  I can't let this be a repeat of undergrad where I'm awesome at all the classes I take except for the ones in my major.  PS I'm probably the worst religion major ever, but it still fascinates me.  I'm getting somewhat better at managing my time, but not really.

Ok, so now I write, the date is 11/12... almost a month since I last attempted to post.  October was busy!  I missed Halloween because I had bronchitis, no biggie, I didn't pull my "French" costume completely together so I guess I sort of lucked out in that regard.   That test I was talking about I did "bomb" so to speak... a 71% in my book is bombing... it's probably the worst grade I've received so far in grad school.  I know I started this blog to try and help myself and others with the stresses of grad school and working and being social, but I obviously fail in the self help category haha.  So here goes again.  This past week marked the end of crazy assignments being due every week in Strat.  Although, I still have one assignment I need to tackle and turn in and one I need to send to him because it somehow got sucked in a vortex that is my instructor's house, car, bag... life?  I actually had another test in my FAC class this past week... I studied a lot more for that one than I did for the first one-- so I'm hoping for more positive results.  Last weekend was like the twilight zone for me.  I actually had a perfect balance of school and social life... now if only I could have thrown some laundry in there would it have been truly perfect lol. 

This weekend is scheduled to be INTENSE.  Jessica's birthday is today so we're going out tonight and tomorrow night to celebrate... I know what you're thinking... two days?  But it's usually a week long celebration so I figure we've gotten off easy this year ;) (love you whoadie).   Tomorrow during the day will be spent running around DC for a scavenger hunt that I put together for a friend of the family who is like my little brother.  He turns 18 on the 16th and this is what he wanted to do for his bday.  Sunday, I'm thinking rest.  Lots of it.  Oh, and probably homework.  I have this group project thing that we've yet to solidify.  It's only worth 100 points... no biggie...

I skipped my WW meeting this week because I've been working at home and in the office due to renovations.  Oh, and because I've fallen off the horse and my previous three weigh-ins have been gains... not a lot, but still.  It's discouraging.  I also have not been working out like I should be-- but I'm making my way out of a month and a half long depression, so hopefully I'll be able to start anew (once again).  I know working out makes you feel better, but if you're not feeling well it's hard to get there.  I have a couple of goals though-- I don't want to be the Michelin Man at yet another graduation, and I'm going to Kosovo next year to visit a friend of mine and if they are all anything like her... then it is a stick thin nation.  I don't need to stick out more than I already will for being American.  Plus, I haven't seen her in years so it'd be nice to look different and not just with a haircut or something.

Oh also, the guy I liked for a very long time, has steadily proven to me over the past few months that he is batshit crazy, so I guess I'm glad I sort of dodged that bullet.