Friday, October 1, 2010

Hangovers, Homework, and Homecoming

Happy October to all you Libras and Scorpios out there!

So about that homework I did in an hour last Wednesday...

I guess first I should explained how I met friends at the usual spot last Tuesday night and proceeded to get completely shitcanned.  Crown and Coke is not my friend, at least not 3 or 4 of them.  I watched the bartender pour the final one and I remember saying "Oh Jesus" because he damn near filled my glass with Crown before adding a little Coke for color.  After I was verbally ridiculous, I ended up ripping some things down off the wall and whatever was strung around the bar.  So we left there and instead of going home we all go to ANOTHER bar.  As I'm walking in I'm not feeling right, so I grab the van that is sitting in front of the place and hurl my guts out all over the street.  Then, gracefully, I walk into the bar, drink a beer, say more ridiculous things about having a threesome or something. We close that bar down and I am whisked away to my house.  Shannon accompanies me inside-- gets me a cup of water, and an empty cup-- and leaves.  I proceed up to my room, lay down and immediately regret any conscious decision I made that night involving alcohol because now my entire world was spinning and I could feel whatever was left after the episode on the street was about to make an appearance for the first time.  I grab the empty cup (a sort of trademark of mine) and wretch demons into it.  Then I run to the bathroom and wrap my arms around the toilet-- it is the greatest embrace ever.  All I really want to do is go to sleep in my bed so I get up and I manage to fall asleep despite the less aggressive spins I have. 

When I finally wake up Wednesday morning, I first panic because I am supposed to pick my friend up and take her to work, then I realize how insanely hungover I am because my survival instincts have now kicked in and tell me to get the F back in bed and sleep off the drunk.  But I can't, I must take Jessica to work.  And since I'll be out, I might as well go to work too... especially since I have homework due for my class that night.  Alright, cool.  So I pick Jessica up... traffic sucks ass as usual.  Sucks even more getting to my job.  I am about a minute-minute and a half away from parking and I can't hold it in anymore... I throw up all over myself.  I finally park, open the door and throw up some more.  Luckily, I was wearing a hoodie so I peeled that off, balled it up and went into work.  After attempting to eat greasy breakfast I threw up again, decide it's for the birds, go home and sleep for a good few hours.  When I woke up I called Shan and had her bring me McD's.  I still was trying to do my homework for the evening.  After Shan left, I was busy working on my stuff when she called and said her car broke down at the bottom of the hill.  So I go and attempt to jump it for 20 minutes.  I have to leave her, but her dad was on the way so no biggie.  At this point I have one hour to get everything done.  Somehow by the grace of God I do it and get to class with time to spare. 

Now what did I get on this homework?  PERFECT FREAKIN SCORES.  What did I get on the previous one and the one after... NOT PERFECT FREAKIN SCORES.  Somebody explain this to me?  Do I need to have the worst hangover of my life every week?  I seriously hope not, that why I'm going to chock it up to birthday week magic. 

This weekend is CUA's homecoming.  Of course this year I plan to not go and all these ladies are coming in for it.  So I will go out with them tonight, but I really must be on my best behavior the rest of this weekend because I have a big test on Monday... F!  Maybe I should take off.  Eh, cross that bridge when I get to it.  School is going to once again kick my ass this semester.  I need to learn how to study effectively.  Though, if I haven't learned by now, I think it's kind of a lost cause.  Hahaha.  Are you all doing anything fun this weekend?