Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sweet September

Last Friday I turned 25!  I had a good time all last week, really.  Tuesday night I met up at the Corner Pub with the usual suspects and somehow got hammered.  I had the worst hangover on Wednesday that I have had in at least a couple of years.  Sorry I have to make this quick otherwise I would go into more detail.

Thursday I took off of work, so did Jessica, and we made our way downtown to chase food truck, in particular the Lobster Truck.  I feel like I grew up in Maine a little bit, I spent entire summers in South Portland when I was a kid... that to me is when kids really grow up, over summers.  Anyway, I digress, we got a lobster roll, a shrimp roll, and a whoopi pie... AMAZABALLS!  My fav was the lobster, hers was the shrimp-- which really worked out quite well.  We noticed (via Twitter) there was another food truck in our vicinity so we went to find it, but found a different one instead.  It was something to do with sauces?  I ended up getting some Indian type dish that was in a pita or naan... yeah I'm really bad at this.  Bottom line?  It was delicious and I was so stuffed I could only eat a few bites.  Jessica got the fish taco (hehe) and it was spicy as hell, but still pretty good.  Like me, she could not even think about finishing that joker... so we had good dinners!

Friday was my normal day off from work... how perfect for it to fall on my birthday?  What did I do?  Well I was taken out for breakfast in the morning.  Then I just went home and watched True Blood season 1 and did laundry and cleaned up a little before my girls came over later that night.  It was a great day.  Then some of my girls came and brought me alcohol and we ate pizza rolls and party pizza!  We also watched Notting Hill (my fav movie) and part of Ever After (I think I maybe saw it once 10+ years ago).

Saturday was my big mamma jamma party where most all of my friends came (a good number did not show up... punks) but it was fun.  I got a keg and had good food and everyone was happy and drunk which is all I can ask for.

So Sunday, after getting in around 7 in the morning, I just kind of chilled out.

Quarter of a century... how does it feel?  Honestly, I'm counting my blessings that I'm still in my twenties and alive... that's kind of a big deal.  Fat Camp?  Back to basic training for me... was too hungover to go to the weigh-in last week... oops.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Go Team!

This past weekend was an extremely sports-filled weekend.  Saturday the Orioles were taking on the Yankees at Camden Yards.  I hate the Yankees with a fiery burning passion so I was definitely game to go.  My friend Mary who is a huge Yankees fan came too, along with Catherine, Danielle, and Shannon (O's fans by default, not huge baseball fans).  I was hopeful because even though my O's are doing horribly this season, and the Yankees are number 1 in the AL East-- we beat them 2 out of 3 in NY a week or two ago.  Well, we got the pants beat off of us.  11-3... very upsetting.  The most upsetting part was that in some of the plays it looked as if the O's weren't trying at all, but who am I?  Not a professional baseball player, so who knows. 

Sunday, Shannon had an extra ticket to the Redskins/Texans game... HAIL!  That game was super exciting!  All the way until the fourth quarter we were happy and screaming and all that fun stuff.  Then it was tied and the game ended/went into OT.  Then we got robbed... multiple times.  Then we lost.  WTF?!?  On a lighter note, my Orioles beat the Yankees that day haha.  Trust, I was conflicted with feelings haha. 
Here are some pics from the game:

Danny and Melissa
FedEx Field and the Redskins marching band.
Me, Shan, Sean.

Friday, September 17, 2010

I Blame 2005 and Glioblastoma Multiforme

Started this on 9/15
As I'm attempting to type up an educated response to this BlackBoard question/posting thing, I can't help but curse my mother's brain for the strain mine goes through whenever trying to relay information intelligently on paper. 

In August 2005, just before my junior year at CUA started, my mother was diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme stage 4... translation... brain cancer that would give her 9 months to a year of life.  She died after 8 months and I've never been the same since.  I pressed on with undergrad getting long term extensions in all of my spring semester classes that year.  I even managed to graduate on time senior year. 

Continuing on...
Since I was pretty much in just-get-it-done-so-i-can-get-out-of-here-in-2007 mode, my writing and analytical skills went down the tubes.  I used to be an excellent writer.  Writing would save my ass all through school.  Generally, I would bomb tests, but ace papers no contest.  Now I can't help but feel like I've lost it completely.  I am definitely able to bang out papers faster (to some degree) than I did in high school and the first part of undergrad, but the quality just does not seem to be there.  The flip side of this is that I have a 3.95... in grad school... and I'm bitching that my writing sucks.  I must be doing something right, but there's that gut feeling like I could be doing better (not necessarily grade-wise, but perhaps pride-wise).

As much as I love school sometimes I can't help but think that I'm not smart enough to be in it. 

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Weekend and Mediocrity

I had big plans for myself this weekend to get all of my schoolwork done on Saturday so I could relax the rest of the weekend on so many fronts.  Friday was my day off so I figured the majority of my goofing around/relaxing would happen then.  For the most part this held true- I got a massage from Heather, ate lunch with her and Kris, then went to a couple bars that night, oh and I took a nap (so awesome).  Saturday was reserved for STRAPI reading/discussion boards/case study/whatever the hell else it is I have to do for that class.  I slept in which was fine, but then I ended up going grocery shopping with my dad for pretty much the rest of the afternoon.  I read my chapter for about an hour before going and eating crabs (which were/are delicious and I want more now).  I tried to tell myself it was okay if I didn't get everything done because Sunday was still around the corner and all I was planning on doing was laundry that NEEDED to be tackled... like whoa-- after going and cheering on Lauren as she crossed the finish line of her 27th half marathon.  However, the cousins called after chapter reading, before crabs and requested mine and my father's presence at their house the following afternoon/evening for dinner and cake for the 19 yr. old's birthday.  Neither my father, nor myself had the balls to turn them down despite all the crap we had to do to get ready for the coming week (my laundry pile is going to eat me in my sleep).  We always have a good time with them so it's not a bad thing, I'm just being whiny about it.  Sunday rolled around, I woke up and wandered around Bethesda looking for the finish line of the Parks half because I was trying to look at the interactive course map on my phone which was not really working out so well.  Whatever, I found it and waited... and waited... and waited because Lauren had told me she'd prob finish like 2:10 or something well, it was getting to be 2:30 so i called her and it rang... and rang... and rang and then it picks up and I hear ::heavy breathing:: "still running!" and i'm like... oh shit... kbye!  Turns out she was a little pukey throughout the race so she took her time, you can read about it some here.  After that we went to Silver Diner and I got a belgian waffle with eggs and bacon... yumtastic.  By the time I got home and showered (like I was the one running haha, I just rolled outta bed and into my car that morning) it was time to go to the cousins.  Ate way more than I should have there... came home... watched the Redskins scalp the Cowboys and went to bed.

Now I am trying to figure out why I can never do anything and stick to it full force.  Procrastinating already this semester, do I never learn?  Also, I'm failing at fat camp to the point where I'm starting not to care anymore.  BUT-- NSYNC's Girlfriend is playing... the version with Nelly... I'm kinda happy at the moment.  Le sigh, how I miss pop music.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Since I can never remember the name of my Monday night class that I've only had once because of Labor Day being a holiday and all I shall call it my FAC class.  And the other one I remember all too well so I will call it STRAPI (strappy) because it's way too long and it's better than what i want to call it (STRAPON). 

FAC is going to be one of those fake me out easy classes.  On the surface with its 4 exams and no papers you think, hell yeah I got this.  But then you learn, and by you I mean I, the text that they graciously gave you instead of making you fork over $150 will not even be used until after October 25.  So what text do we use before then?  None.  Now, I hate reading text books as much as the next girl but I will have at least one exam if not two before this date... HOW DO I STUDY?  Wait, you're telling me I have to PAY ATTENTION in class and TAKE NOTES?!?  Huh?  That could set off my motion sickness (will explain later)!  I hope he lectures better than he did the first night, otherwise I'm in for a bumpy ride and may need to find a text book I can buy anyway to teach me all that I will miss while attempting to pay attention in class.  These classes are long.  It's impossible not to zone out at some point in the evening.  Perhaps I should invest in a tape recorder, or pay my neighbor to let me copy off him.  The first is probably more sensible, but they never make movies about someone who records his lectures and studies from them.

STRAPI came right out of the gate and bitch smacked me.  This class has no qualms about it being A LOT OF FRIGGING WORK and letting you know up front.  Every week we have two topics we must "discuss" on Blackboard.  I say "discuss" because we only have to post our responses to the questions/topics, we don't have to comment on anyone else's post.  There is also an on-going case study we will have to answer a question about and turn in once a week.  This case involves McDonald's so at least it might be interesting?  Oh there's also a chapter a week of course.  Oh and when we get into class every week we will have to write what he calls a "one minute essay" instead of a "pop quiz" because that sounds so much friendlier.  On top of all of this is a 100 point TEAM presentation that must be 50-60 minutes in length with people that I've never worked with before because he decided to try something new with our class and make up the teams based on the brain dominence instrument he administered.  Don't get me wrong, it's cool that I learned I am predominantly right-brained and even further am feelings-oriented and want everyone to get along and sing Kumbaya (really tell me something I didn't know).  But I found out that preferring to use my right brain over my left has something to do with why I get motion sickness and cannot read in the car-- my ears and eyes are hearing and seeing everything all at once and my tummy has a melt down (hence my earlier joke).  However, I had a system, mainly, I knew exactly who I wanted in my group for this damn class because I have worked well with these people before.  Funny enough, one lady is in my group that I would have chosen for my team, but no one else.  :(  Now I must hope that all of our brains combined create one huge fully functional brain so we get an A.  I already told the one lady that I'll bring the guitar next week...

Fat Camp is... going.  I need to write everything down I put into my mouth because I seem to lose more weight/do better in general when I have to do that.  I gained a pound this week, but honestly after the weekend I had I'm surprised it wasn't ten.  I also need to work out more, but having two herniated discs in my back does not help my cause.  I definitely get through every routine I do, but later/the next day I definitely pay.  I can only take so much Celebrex and extra strength Tylenol.  Anything with aspirin is out because I'm on blood thinning medication as it is, can't be bleeding out now, that would not be cute.

You should take a look at my "fake-me-out-sister" Lauren's blog because she's giving away something cool.  I use quotation marks because she shouted out to me recently in one of her posts as that.  It's totally an upgrade though from "neighbor" haha.  Love that girl!  Go read her blog! It's fun and she gives things away!  Don't stop reading mine though, I'll get jealous.  One day when I figure out how all this works, maybe I'll give something away!  Until then, stay classy.

Dun Dun DUUUUUUN!!!!

I wrote this on 8/30 and should have just posted it because I have no idea what to add. Haha.

So it's Monday... we all know what that means... school's starting again!  Tonight I kick off the fall semester with Contract Pricing, Negotiations, and Source Selections.  Thrillsville, right?  Can you believe I have chosen to study this?  The other class I have on Wednesday is Strategic Planning and Implementation (this one is a sort of distribution requirement and has little to do with the FAC track I'm on).

I guess the big question is how am I going to keep on top of the diet and the school work?